Finally Home!

I was amazed when I arrived in church for the service this morning. Well, the altar looks amazing, the flower setting the preparation for that morning is quite extra ordinary so I was expecting for something, but the service ended normally. Nothing new happen. Then I thought, “Is this a sort of some welcome for me”???

I lost my way in my spiritual  journey for a couple of months now, let’s just say I stop and take a glimpse of the world rather than looking straight to Jesus but sad to say that glimpse lasted for 6 months I guess. For 6 months I live my life the way I wanted, and guess what?????, I ended up losing hope, everything is a mess but by God’s grace I found out that the things I did are just chasing after the wind, words from Solomon.

Attending the service this morning was i guess the big step for my come back. Funny, but the message goes like this “Ways of the sinner’s is hard”, whoa, soooooooooo right for me. Message is about ” God’s Chosen people being the slave because they worship another God then they are freed for they repented” I wish I can narrate everything ,To sum it up, I have the feeling that the message was prepared for me.

I was and still overwhelmed by the privilege that my father had given me. He made me realize that I need to be back home because that’s the place that I should be. I am soooo thankful coz because of great his love even if I am, constantly failing still He never get tired of teaching me, encouraging me and forgiving me.

To God be the Glory Now and Forevermore!!!! 🙂


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