Not the best Mom!!!

You never been the best mother in this world,

because you never been at your  best either.

Don’t  worry mom, even if you are not the best

it does’nt mean we love you less

You never been the best mom in this world,

for you know your kids less.

You have to wake up early in the morning to do your job,

You never have the time to check on us, well maybe only when we are sick.

Don’t worry for i know, it doesn’t mean you love us less either.

You seems to love your kids less for you often spang us with just a little mistake.

I am determine not be like you mom, for I know I can never be.

You never been the best in this world not because you choose to,

but because you never given a change to be one.

For you are never just a mother to us but a father also.

So don’t be sad mom, you are able to send us to good schools

You sacrificed a lot, and i guess you where able to raise kids that do respect you.

You never been the BEST mom because you are far more than that….

Thank you!!


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