Choose your Color (colors and thier meaning)

parade of colorsI personally learned to like and eventually love green. I guess that color is already been a part of me. The story behind that choice is kinda silly, well its because my older brother which i greatly adore love that shade.

People choose color to associate with their personality, some have something to do with identity, beliefs or simply because it seems a lot of people are using it. Whatever your reason is, it is still interesting to learn the meaning of your color choice.

Red communicates love and beauty. In Christianity, red symbolizes love, blood and the martyrdom of Christ.

Orange represents enthusiasm, excitement and adventure.

The color of joy, gladness, delight, and the promise of a new beginning. It also represents playfulness, creativity, warmth, charm, confidence, basically an easy going attitude about life.

The peaceful color of a spring meadow, once banned by Christians now means hope, peace, healing and growth in Christian life.

Blue is the color of constancy and faith, the color painters used for the Virgin Mary’s robe, the color of the heavens and the oceans. The soothing color blue stands for sky, good health, sensitivity, truth, loyalty, patience, friendship and dignity. In Christianity, blue symbolizes Mary and Advent.

Purple is symbolic of power, majesty, spiritual goals, passionate belief, visionary leadership, respect and wealth. It has been worn by emperors, military commanders, and other high-ranking officials. In Christianity, purple means penitence.

White means purity and innocence, serenity of a snowy landscape. In Christianity white symbolizes joy, glory and the road to heaven and it was thus the color of newly baptized Christians as well as the Pope.

Both in art and in religion black signifies despair, sin and mourning. But yet with many artists, the color implies elegance. In Christianity, it stands for Death.

Pink symbolizes appreciation, thanks, grace, happiness, and admiration. Pink also symbolizes love, friendship, harmony and compassion.

The color of the earth symbolizes home, friendship. Amber, a golden brown, represents courage and energy.

Silver removes negativity and symbolizes encouragement.

Symbolic of the sun and glamorous attraction.

Now that you know,maybe you will be amazed that  simple choices really in a way speaks something about us.As for me, I been eye-ing over yellow and violet eversince, but I am into it really because only few shades that seems to be acceptable to my taste are available.


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