The life that I Live!!!

blueeyetearsI grew up trying my best to follow my parents, thinking they are always right. I have given up some of my dreams and i  let ’em control me. I guess i  just tried to be a good daughter. Now i am contemplating if they realy ever been fair to me? It is so hard to conquer the disappointments and the realizations and deal with ’em in a way that would  suit best for you. For eventually if you let it prevail, it will destroy you.

Disappointed – because i used to think that my family is okey. even if our set up is quite unsual compare to that of a normal family  but now i knew it is not. I have given up a lot of things in my life because of people that i thought appriciated and loved me, but did they ?? it seems i cant see it or evn feel it. They hurt me deliberityly.  I wanted to make things right now, but i am having difficulty of doing that.  They still stick into my senses. I grown up to be this way and now i realize that it is not me really. It is them that i am trying to live and portray. I know the sole responsibilty lied inside me but the things i’ve gone through makes it so hard for me. I pass the stage of regretting and now i am in the process of letting go and forgetting. I wanted to be a better person but often i am overcome by my self.

I have faith that by Gods grace and mercy I will be well and better :D..


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