Woman for God….


Plenty of things happen this week. Circumstances that certainly like what James Allen said from one of his book – circumstances that would surely reveal who you really is.  I lost my temper to one of my dearest friend. I deliberately show to her that am angry. Certainly, I fail to be a woman God wanted me to be and brought shame to my creators name. Inspite of those terrible events, I am happy to start my week again with knowing my worth, knowing what should i ought to be as a woman for God and knowing how God  sees me as a woman.

A desire to be with someone has been bothering me lately.  But I thank God for even if my end might not be for His glory but still he guide me through.He never permitted that my loneliness and pain would make me commit myself to someone who doesn’t deserve to have  me. I realize just now, –  after reading an article written by Bonnie Risk entitled “A Woman of God” that I am treated by God with care and gentleness. I am “GREATLY LOVED” by God, it is always been. I always thought that I am cursed to be a girl – a woman and that God love me less compare to a man, for I am created to follow authority. I thank God that I know just now, He revealed to me that I am lucky and destined to be a girl  a woman. I admit, I came to admire  those people who had the capability of hurting me and i alowed ’em, I’ve been rude and been bitter, harsh to myself which I shouldn’t have been. God loves me and everytime am hurting, he is feeling double or even triple of the pain.

I should strive to be a woman that reveals Gods glory rather than bringing abomination to Him.In the world that we live in, woman are striving for equality which impossible. I should not strive for that, rather than spending time doing it why not meditate on how to be a woman for God.

I wanted to end this article by saying that “WOMAN are indeed important and  valued by God. That is why we have also to be responsible, try our very best to be better. Find some one that would see you as God sees you..God wanted you to be loved.am certain to that.So don’t just settle for someone who is not capable of loving you…that’s stupidity:D



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