To God be the Glory!


I am on the state of worrying right now. I am ashamed coz this only show that I have little faith, but inspite of that I want to shift that state from worrying unto glorifying God. I made stupid decisions in my life. I guess i need them to learn. I realize that the reason behind those unwise decisionsĀ  is that i am seeking glory not for God but for me.I wanted to list maybe not all just some of the few reasons why i need to glorify my savior.

  • He come and die for me, thus save me from eternal punishment
  • He never gets tired of pardoning me
  • He never hesitated to discipline me even if everytime am hurting he is feeling double of my pain
  • He never really forsaken me, it is I that leave on His presence
  • He gave me a family that is beyond perfect but still blessed by him
  • He send me to school
  • He never give second thought on accepting me, everytime i choose to journey on my own
  • Inspite of how dirty, filthy i made myself still He embraces me with Love
  • He consider me
  • He made me as me

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