The Dawn of my life

capturing the dawn in cebu city

The desire to remember even just a bit of happiness i felt as i took this photo has been so intense. I am wondering if I am still capable to find the same bliss I used to have. The picture was taken on the roof deck of the ship. We were on our way to cebu city for our educational trip. A moment meant to be remembered.

I woke up early today to review. I’ll be taking an exam later. I notice the slowly change of the sky. I hear the rooster crows and the chirping of the morning bird indeed new day is yet to come. I then started to ponder, when was the last time I let my heart  stay still and appreciate the beauty of wonders like this. Since when??? This past few weeks was the busiest week of my life. Projects were due , its seems everybody was busy.  The word relax, be still, were forgotten.  But I realize that those weeks, I seem to loose the importance of life. I fail to appreciate things that surrounds me. I used to be so occupied with the things in this world. As today the feeling is so different. I am on the state of appreciating this things. Dawns are beauty,  for the poet it may suggest hope after the dark.  As for me the dawn signifies change, a brand new and different day is to come, a day which is  unique from yesterday.The dawn suggest happiness and peace to my soul. Oh!! how I love it!

I am confused with a lot of things right now.  The desire of  change is to intense that I am hurting. I am aware that plenty of things in me calls for a change  but then though the passion is there but i guess the perseverance, I lack :(.  Gone are the days when i am in the dark. Should I say I am at the dawn of my life???, but I am afraid for the change. I am so terrified with the vision of change. I wanted to cry, I just don’t know what to do rather I am not willing to do it cause its painful. Direct me Lord God to which way should I go. Incline my heart to your ways that I may be doing what is right and would glorify you. There are  plenty of wrongs in me that I am confuse as to how to make them right, how to start and how to take it. You know me more than I know myself. I don’t wanted to be on the state of foolishness just because am lonely and I am in pain. I know I can find hapiness in you alone Lord God. But how am I ganna do it.. How??? Help me Lord God.

be determine to change


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