In Love – Handing part of my happiness to someone


I decided to love a person whose been so different from me. I am taking my chances on him. I lost my faith on men for I was badly broken before by few men that I love so dearly. Then I meet this man whom I choose to love and I know by doing that, I expose myself to another possible wave of unexplainable and unbearable pain. I love him so dearly that at times even just the thought of him, tears my eyes. I never thought I could love this way. With him I will feel pain, I know. But am taking my chances for I know only with him I will be truly happy. I want him to be mine really, but I accepted the fact that it has to be a mutual decision. It should be, the both of us that should decide to hold on and gladly as of this time  we did…………………………

I  Love him so…..


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