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I’ve been such a cry baby this days. I don’t want to think that I’ve regretted letting you be a part of my life now. Though I boldly admit that I greatly regretted the fact that ” I trusted you so much for my happiness”. Certainly, I knew so well, – long time ago – that you alone can make yourself happy, I live my life believing on that, but I don’t know why am having a hard time embracing such fact.

I am badly broken and hurt. You’ve been telling me you love me yet I find it so hard to really believe in that love you utter. You’ve been telling me am the only one you love but you dont make me feel love. Now, am thinking of letting you go even if I love you dearly. Now, am learning to live my life again, a life with out you.It pains my heart, so bad actually, but I thought pain will be gone soon.

I am slowly learning now, trying to things how things would be like with out you.

I am teaching myself to be happy with out you….and Perhaps contemplating over living a life away fromĀ  you…..