EMO – (emotional)

pain in life makes me emoPAIN…PAIN,basically that’s the reason why I am an EMO. Even how hard I try still I cant avoid it. I tried to be bad,good and better but still I’m getting it. I want to deal with it in a different way. In a way that I would feel less of it. I am not wishing to completely avoid it cause I know that’s impossible. Presently I am dealing with it and people that I used to love seems to be the reason why.

I feel less important everytime their promises were forgotten. I hate the fact that it seems easy for them to just let me hope. I hope they ever thought that “hope differed makes the heart sick” and live with it.I sacrificed my interest just because they said, it is no good for me but unfortunately they did nothing to direct me to which one is good.I am afraid to hate them, but it seems am getting to it. I left myself for them. I tried to do things that would please them but I guess I am unappreciated and I am taken for granted.

I am ashamed to be called and EMO – but that’s my state now. I seemed to be very affected with those small things and i cried easly, which was far from who Iused to be. I used to laugh my heart out, and oh! how i missed those days.

“You did not simply cause pain but you stole the only treasure that I have inside me – and that is, to smile inspite of everything. You stole the Bliss that I used to have and I hate you all for that.” -mai-

Call me EMO or whatsoever, just bear in mind that eventhough I am not showing it in the way I dress or in anyway – I am me..I reach this state because I left nothing for my self. Even my dreams, I let them do it for me.

Live your life! that doesn’t mean that if you do that their will be no more pain but when you ever feel it, it would be a lot easier to deal with it, cause you know you are accountable for it, basically you will have an  idea why you get their and how to get out from it.

How I wish I made myself clear here…



  1. Gothmo Said:


  2. dieing...slowly Said:

    i know how you feel.

  3. kaelen Said:

    i feel the same way….

  4. criatas Said:

    i know i fell the same

  5. depressed in slicene Said:

    wow its amazing!!!!
    what u have writen is exactly how i feel……i have never herd/read anything like this before your feelings trust i feel the same……i just hide it from the world

  6. maisilf Said:

    thanks for dropping by and posting your comments.

    it feels great to know that i can put into words what other people felt just because i am feeling them too..

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